Wishes Circle

March 3, 2002

Birthday. More years more
Selves more yearnings – Make a wish
You are what you want


Hair, come back to me
Why did you leave me forlorn?
Pity my cold head

Sixpack, bubblebutt,
Bulging biceps, major pecs
No-sweat hot bod – woof!

Spellblinding beauty
To see me is to love me
Dumbstruck strangers swoon

Mandarin, Spanish,
Arabic, . . . Cunning linguist
Long Don Juan tongue (Lick!)

Lightning lovemagic
Blinding eyebeams unwinding
Binding you to me

Big thick cocky dick
Swaggering swellhead cyclops
Everrready fuck

No AIDS, hep, herpes
No shame, no useless guilt. Just
Fierce fearless fucking

Spainsounds, Ceylon scents
Senses roaming, unhoming
Transmigrating eye


Manly men Fridays
Handsome hand-and-foot houseboys
Service with a smile

Babel’s library
Private Alexandria
Bibliomaniac’s dream

Money enough to
Forget about it. How much?
Millions? None at all?

Samuraisword mind
Quick slick olympic body
Well-oiled Übermensch

Iron will power
Shield from snake-toothed temptations
Sword for Gordian knots

Just do it! (Do I
dare disturb the universe?)
No fear! (I grow old . . . )

A room of my own (A womb of my own)
Skylight, bay windows, French doors
Brilliant sunborn books

Stroll in a bookstore
See my book shelved with the Rs
Romance? Fantasy?

That queer thing genius
(Not too queer, unrecognized)
Seminal strangeness

Readers gushing thanks
You’ve changed my life, sign here please
Tearstained fan mail, gifts


Unknowing teachers
Wise innocence rewarded
Free learning for life

Brown rice and roses
Creative revolution
Free work free love free


To become no-one
To shed myself. Naked life
Stark glad affections

Thrilling lives fly through me – Whoosh!
I’m open. Come in.

Open sesame!
Wanderer’s magic passport
Bold border crosser

Chanceforked paths – which way?
Accidental knight errant
Random Quixote

Moment to moment
Breath by breath: here-ing, k/now-ing
Life inspiring life

Stop. Seehear what’s here
Miracle reality
Add, subtract nothing

Life, overwhelm me,
Overthrow me, strike me dumb
Inspire my stunned tongue

To make and break and
Make anew, always folding
Unfolding all ways

I want out – to fly,
Escape my wishes’ circle
Fearhope's sad passion

Yes is becoming
Embrace yes impermanence
Becoming is yes

March 3, 2002

Thirty-two candles
Wishes blown away by life
Light! Life is here now.

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