Tortuous Tropisms

trope. The figurative use of a word or expression.
tropism. The responsive growth or movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus.

In grade-school science, I was fascinated to learn about plant tropisms – hydrotropism, geotropism, phototropism, . . . Unlike plants that turn to water, earth, or sun with a green directness, my tropisms are full of twists and turns – the errant detours and diversions of desire. Just when I think I know where my devious tropisms are taking me - they swerve.

traumatropism. A peculiar growth or curvature of an organism resulting from a wound.
entropy. A measure of the randomness, disorder, or chaos in a system.

Life is the wound my chaotic writing curves to.

contrive. To invent or fabricate, especially by improvisation.
tropical. Hot and humid; sultry; torrid.

I am the fish between the crab and the goat, improvising a kaleidoscopic future from my tropical past.

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