The _____ing Thickness

Writing, I’m always trying to fight _____. A quixotic dreamer, how can I defeat _____’s spellbinding mindwheels?

How can I write when narcolepsy seizes me as soon as my fingers touch my pen? Perhaps I can become a _____writer?

For me, writing is, by far, a stronger soporific than orgasms.

When I write I don’t know if I’m a_____ or awake – I must be a_____ because writing feels like falling, and one doesn’t fall awake.

I’ve never lost _____ over problems or misfortunes. That’s why I’ll never write the book of _____ I’ve always dreamed of. Nevertheless, every book I write is a book of dreams.

When I open my eyes in the morning, before I even remember my name, my memories – ten thousand clutching demons – rush back to repossess me.

In love, in dream, I wander half-a_____. (Which half of me is awake, which a_____?)

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